Your Brand Your Mark - Register It Now

You build your business reputation one day at a time. Every time you create a product or serve a customer you build your reputation in the marketplace. Your brand is an invaluable asset to your business, because a strong reputation drives sales.

But how do you protect that good name from misuse and prevent others from appropriating and profiting from your name? One way is to seek a U.S. trademark or service mark protection for names associated with your business.

We have obtained innumerable registrations in almost every industry for our clients’ goods and service names, words, symbols and designs that are associated with our clients’ products and services and even the shape, or trade dress as it’s called, of our clients’ goods and product packaging.

How Trademarks Work

A trademark is a name, word, symbol or design that is associated with a product.  A trademark indicates the source of the product and distinguishes it from the products of competitors. Corporate logos that combine a symbol with the business or product name are an example of a trademark. A service mark is also a name, word, symbol, or design, but it is used to identify the source of a service, instead of a product.  

A U.S. trademark or service mark is issued by the U.S. government and provides the owner exclusive rights to use the trademark or service mark for a certain number of years. One purpose of trademarks is to help consumers accurately identify the source of a particular product. Once a trademark is issued, trademark rights may be used to prevent others from using a similar mark in a way that confuses consumers about the source of the product.

You can, and should, protect your business or product name with a trademark, but not all names are eligible for U.S. trademark protection. The professionals at Feldman Law Group can help you determine if your product or company name is eligible for a trademark.

Once it is determined that we can proceed with a trademark application, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will begin a careful review process. You can learn more about this review process at the USPTO website.

Comprehensive Trademark Services

Feldman Law Group offers experienced guidance through the trademark application process. If you are choosing a name, our trademark attorneys can assess the likelihood that a particular name will be granted trademark protection. If you proceed with a trademark application, we will research prior trademark registrations and prepare the application and follow it throughout the registration process. 

If the USPTO approves your trademark registration, Feldman Law Group can help you preserve and defend your rights.  If you believe someone else is using a name that is similar to your trademarked name, our experienced attorneys can help you defend your name in court.  If you want to generate income by allowing others to use your name on other products, we can help you negotiate profitable licenses and contracts.