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Musicians, artists and writers want to share what they create and see it find an audience, but they also want to profit from their hard work.  Feldman Law Group provides services to musicians, writers, and artists who want to protect and benefit from their creative works.  Our intellectual property attorneys offer a full range of services from creating and protecting intellectual property rights to negotiating licenses with publishing companies.


To maximize the benefit of a creative work, it is imperative to protect it from unauthorized distribution or copying.  Copyright protection is one of the first steps an artist, musician, or writer should consider to protect their work.   Copyright registration is available to protect individual works like a single song or a collection of works like an album or CD.  The process of copyright registration is easy and inexpensive.  Learn more about copyright protection and how the services at Feldman Law Group can help you move forward with protecting your creative work.


As creators build an audience, consumers begin to associate the creator’s name and logo with their work. Feldman Law Group assists artists, writers, and musicians with advice about using the trademark registration process to protect that valuable name recognition. Learn more about the benefits of trademark registration and the process of registering for trademark protection.

Protecting Rights

Once enforceable intellectual property rights have been created in a work, Feldman Law Group’s experienced attorneys help clients defend those rights in court against misuse by other parties.

We also defend clients against claims of trademark infringement if someone challenges their right to use a trademark. We offer a full range of litigation services from the earliest stages of litigation through settlement negotiations, trial, and appeal.

Transaction Services

Once enforceable intellectual property rights have been created in a work, it may be desirable to produce revenue by licensing the work to publishing companies for marketing and distribution.  Feldman Law Group provides transactional services and negotiates these transactions on a client’s behalf.

Signing a license or contract is just the beginning of a relationship with a publishing company.  As artists, musicians or writers work with a publishing company, disputes can arise over interpretations of sections covering royalties and other significant matters.  Feldman Law Group regularly represents clients and helps them resolve such disputes.

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