As our Paralegal, Norman Schiff performs intake of new clients and serves as a first-stop resource for our existing clients when new questions or concerns arise.  His over 10 years’ intellectual property paralegal experience in patent, trademark and copyright law serves as a broad base to help clients with many questions or refer them to attorneys when needed.  Norman prepares and assists attorneys in filing new trademark applications and works with attorneys in handling objections and refusals raised by USPTO Examiners, minimizing our clients’ expenses for attorney work in gaining allowance for their trademarks.  Norman has processed many international trademarks through the Madrid Protocol (114 participating countries), saving our clients’ the expense of hiring foreign associates in those countries.


Intellectual Property Paralegal:

  • 4 years at Feldman Law Group, P.C.
  • 3 years at Ostrolenk Faber LLP (New York)
  • 4 years at Metacom Inc. (Minnesota)
  • Plus 30 years’ experience as a legal secretary.

Norman served as Business Affairs Manager at Metacom, where he worked with outside counsel to navigate difficult copyright and trademark issues in acquiring and utilizing rights to music and old time radio properties with the heirs and other owners of old, valuable properties.  Negotiated licenses from heirs and agents of such personalities as George Burns, Jack Benny, Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan), Abbott & Costello, and Howard Koch (author of the script for the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds performed by Orson Welles).


  • University of California at Berkeley - Bachelor’s Degree-Interdisciplinary Social Sciences-1979