Insurance Defense & Coverage

Advertising Injury Protection and the Cost of Defending Your Lawsuit

How It Works

  • The Feldman Law Group works closely with you and your insurance company to determine whether the defense of your lawsuit is covered under the advertising injury provisions of your company’s General Commercial Liability Policy.
  • Frequently, a plaintiff will allege infringement of copyright or trademark rights by virtue of a defendant’s act of advertising its products or services on the company website, catalog or line sheets.
  • The lawyers of the Feldman Law Group would be happy to assist you and offer a free consultation and review of your General Commercial Liability Policy and your allegedly infringing advertisements to determine whether a possibility of coverage exist under such a policy and whether your Insurer has a duty to defend your lawsuit and pay for your attorney fees.

Representative Cases

  • The firm has successfully obtained the payment of defense from insurance companies for lawsuits involving claims of copyright and trademark infringement for allegedly infringing items of jewelry, clothing and fabric designs, and trademarks for items of food and automotive parts.
  • Our firm’s past success in obtaining payment for the defense some lawsuits is no guarantee that we will obtain the same result for you.
  • The terms of our client’s policies for advertising injury insurance often vary.
  • Some policies do not contain advertising injury provisions at all or exclude certain areas of coverage like advertising injury from claims of copyright or trademark infringement.
  • We will help you assess whether this option is right for you to pursue with your insurer.