Feldman Law Group assists artists and art galleries working in all kinds of media, including photography, paint, drawing, sculpture, and film. Our firm offers a full portfolio of services for creating and protecting intellectual property rights against unauthorized reproduction. We also assist clients in maximizing the value of their work through licensing agreements.  

Copyright Protection

One of the first steps to protecting work is copyright protection. Registering a work for copyright makes it easier to file a lawsuit and receive an award of monetary damages against an infringer and receive attorneys’ fees for the suit.

Artists can easily and inexpensively copyright their work. The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Feldman Law Group assist clients with the process of preparing and filing an application for copyright. Copyright registration can protect individual pieces of art or collections of art.

Trademark Protection

Artists and art galleries may also want to consider trademark protection for names or logos associated with the work. Consumers typically associate the quality of a work with the unique name of the person or company responsible for creating that work.  Trademark protection can help preserve that valuable asset.  Feldman Law Group helps artists and galleries protect their goodwill within the industry by obtaining a trademark registration for their name or associated logo.

Transaction Services

Sometimes artists or galleries wish to authorize copies or reproductions of a work as a way of generating revenue or marketing the work.  Feldman Law Group provides transactional services to clients, including contract drafting and negotiation relating to licensing, assignment and transfer of intellectual property rights.

When we represent artists or galleries in transactions like consignments, licenses, or sales contracts, we work to achieve the best results for our client.  Together we can negotiate an agreement that suits your goals.