We Can Help You With A Wide Spectrum Of Your Intellectual Property Needs

  • Intellectual property portfolio management and protection
  • Prosecution and registration of copyrights, trademarks, and patents
  • Federal, copyright, trademark and commercial litigation
  • Copyright termination Issues
  • Licensing & settlements
  • Unfair competition, trade dress, & trade secrets
  • Infringement & validity opinions
  • Authorship & contract disputes
  • Royalty Collections
  • Music publishing, recording artist & management agreements
  • Case management, litigation strategy and budgeting
  • Pleadings, complex fact discovery, expert discovery and motion practice
  • Insurance defense and coverage
We Can Help You

We Can Help You

Feldman Law Group recognizes that you pour your heart and soul into your creative works, and our mission is to help you protect your ideas with our comprehensive intellectual property services and ensure that you receive the full benefit of your hard...

How We Do It

How We Do It

Feldman Law Group is an innovative boutique intellectual property firm that has been helping creative people and companies create, protect and defend the economic value of your ideas and creations since 1972. Our years of knowledge and experience enable us...

The Results You Want

The Results You Want

Our team members have had many successful outcomes in a wide range of IP cases: Quickly resolved many cases in jewelry, fashion and home goods by making use of our experience and innovative research team and facilities. We have been able to quickly...

How It Works

How It Works

Our attorneys prosecute and litigate intellectual property rights in patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We offer services through the full life cycle of creating, defending and maintaining IP rights, including the...

We Do Research

We Do Research

Our innovative research team offers in-depth and extensive reports for intellectual property design cases for both clients and others. We own one of the largest private collections of jewelry books, some dating to the late 19th century, and...

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is Intellectual Property?

A – Intellectual Property is your ideas and innovation


Memberships and Associations

  • JVC
  • MJSA
  • JDPN
  • The Jeweler's Board of Trade


  • Jewelry ThumbnailJewelry


    Your Creation Your Jewelry - Register It Now Designing and creating jewelry is a form of art and each piece is unique.   It’s important to protec...

  • Luxury Goods ThumbnailLuxury Goods

    Luxury Goods

    Feldman Law Group is committed to protecting and enhancing the value of our clients’ luxury goods such as fine watches, fashion handbags, housewares...

  • Apparel and Textiles ThumbnailApparel and Textiles

    Apparel and Textiles

    In the apparel and textile industries, the power of a well-known name to influence brand-conscious consumers is indisputable.  A good name is one of ...

  • Computers, Software & Electronics ThumbnailComputers, Software & Electronics

    Computers, Software & Electronics

    The pace of change in the computer, software, and electronics industries is unrelenting. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers see a constant str...

  • Consumer Goods ThumbnailConsumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    Feldman Law Group’s intellectual property lawyers are committed to protecting clients’ intellectual property rights in consumer goods of all kinds...

  • Restaurants ThumbnailRestaurants


    From a small sandwich shop to a high-end destination restaurant, a restaurant’s brand is critical to its business. Feldman Law Group helps restauran...

  • Publications, Media and Entertainment ThumbnailPublications, Media and Entertainment

    Publications, Media and Entertainment

    Musicians, artists and writers want to share what they create and see it find an audience, but they also want to profit from their hard work.  Feldma...

  • Arts ThumbnailArts


    Feldman Law Group assists artists and art galleries working in all kinds of media, including photography, paint, drawing, sculpture, and film. Our fir...

  • Industrial Gases & Chemicals ThumbnailIndustrial Gases & Chemicals

    Industrial Gases & Chemicals

    The industrial gases and chemicals industry is a complex sector of the economy that provides critical products and solutions to people around the glob...

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals ThumbnailHealthcare and Pharmaceuticals

    Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

    Companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries operate in a fast moving, highly competitive marketplace.  New products and devices in thes...