Computer, Software & Electronics

The pace of change in the computer, software, and electronics industries is unrelenting. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers see a constant stream of new computer hardware, innovative software, and inventive electronics. Protecting a company’s intellectual property rights in these industries requires constant vigilance.

In an environment as competitive as electronics, an experienced and knowledgeable intellectual property law advocate is essential. Feldman Law Group’s extensive knowledge of case law and contemporary case studies provides useful insight to clients as we plan strategy and defend rights.  We have experience with regulatory and industry standard-setting processes and we always keep the client’s bottom line in mind.

Patent Protection

In fast-moving technology markets, U.S. patent protection can offer a powerful competitive advantage. Feldman Law Group reviews clients’ inventions and evaluates the most effective ways to protect the work. If a client seeks U.S. patent protection, Feldman Law Group helps the client navigate the detailed and deliberate review process of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Our firm offers the services of “registered attorneys”.  Registered attorneys are a select group of individuals permitted by the USPTO to provide patent services. We prepare a client’s patent information after a thorough and efficient information-gathering process.  Our attorneys research existing patents that may be similar to the invention and advocate the best arguments to support the application.  Once the application is filed, we handle responses to any follow-up questions asked by the USPTO.

Feldman Law Group offers a full range of services for defending against infringement claims and enforcing existing patents in court.  We have represented a wide spectrum of clients in this arena, including a recent successful defense against a claim of infringement by programming source code.

Learn more about patent protection and how the Feldman Law Group can address your intellectual property protection needs.

Copyright and Trademark Protection

Feldman Law Group also advises clients on whether U.S. copyright protection may be available for a software or electronics product.  Copyrights protect “original works of authorship,” which can include computer programming code.  Once a registered copyright is established, Feldman Law Group assists clients in defending against unauthorized use of the copyright by another company.

Feldman Law Group’s technology lawyers have decades of experience with complex, innovative technologies.  We help evaluate the benefits of trademark protection for names or logos used with a computer, software or electronics product. Once trademark protection is obtained, Feldman Law Group’s seasoned litigators offer assistance in defending trademarked products against infringing use.

Feldman Law Group also defends clients against claims that their operations violate the intellectual property rights of others.  For example, a competitor filed a lawsuit against one of our clients for trademark infringement when the client used the competitor’s name in an online advertisement comparing prices.  The case was settled on terms favorable to the client.