Protecting Genius Since 1972

Have you created an innovative design or product or discovered new ways to build or produce your product?  You may be eligible for U.S. patent protection.  A U.S. patent is issued by the U.S. federal government and gives you exclusive rights to use the invention for a certain number of years. A patent can prevent other people from using your invention, or you can give them the right to use it under a license for a licensing fee.

We obtain patents for our clients on everything from jewelry and clothing accessories to acoustical devices, actuating keys, safety windshields, computer and telecommunications systems and methods, dielectric heaters, light valves, airplane animal enclosures, point of sale cash register systems, safety devices for operation in explosive environments, plastics, machining, transdermal drug delivery systems, systems and methods for ID verification, and radiation tolerant power switching circuits used in outer space, to name a few.

Comprehensive Patent Services

When you contact our firm for patent services, we will discuss your invention, research prior patents and patent applications and evaluate the best ways to protect your product. Not every invention is eligible for a patent. The (USPTO) will determine whether to issue a patent through a detailed and painstaking process. (You can learn more about the process itself at the USPTO website).

An experienced guide to help you navigate the process can be invaluable. Feldman Law Group offers the services of “registered attorneys” – lawyers who are admitted to the USPTO’s registry of “registered attorneys.”

If you decide to seek a patent, we will prepare the application, as it is a complex process with many substantive and procedural rules.  We will research any existing patents which may be similar, and determine the best arguments to present to the USPTO. If the USPTO has questions about your application, we’ll respond to them and advocate the granting of your patent. Our attorneys support the application throughout the entire process.

Profiting from Your Patent

If the USPTO issues a patent, we can advise you on maintaining and defending your rights. Our lawyers can help you create a strategy to maximize the value of your patent. Part of our practice is transactional work for patents. If you want to give others the right to use the patent, we can negotiate appropriate licenses and agreements. If you want to use the patent exclusively in your own operations, we can help you preserve your rights to exclude others.

Defending Your Patent

If another person or entity is infringing on your patent, you may need a vigorous legal defense to protect your existing patent rights. Feldman Law Group will assess the situation and formulate a strategy for protecting your rights while keeping your bottom line in mind.

We handle all types of patent infringement litigation.  After investigating the facts of your situation, our lawyers will advise you about how best to enforce your rights. We will leverage our engineering knowledge and litigation experience to strategize your defense.

Among the patent enforcement services we offer are:

  • Cease and desist letters
  • Motions for search and seizure orders
  • Pursuing civil lawsuits in U.S. federal courts

If we take legal action on your behalf, we will prosecute the case vigorously, from pretrial planning through pleadings, document discovery, depositions, and trial. If settlement makes sense, we will conduct settlement negotiations. Either way, we will be at your side through the entire process.