Luxury Goods

Feldman Law Group is committed to protecting and enhancing the value of our clients’ luxury goods such as fine watches, fashion handbags, housewares and decorative items.  Protecting the intellectual property rights in luxury products is essential to business growth. Feldman Law Group helps clients create, enforce and protect intellectual property rights on behalf of businesses in the luxury goods industry. 

Applying for Trademark Protection

Our clients turn to Feldman Law Group for help with devising a trademark strategy when they develop a new product or launch a new business. Our experienced intellectual property lawyers assist clients in developing an effective strategy focused on names and logos that are strong candidates for registration.

Our lawyers assist in evaluating name choices and counsel clients regarding names with the best chance to be registered as a trademark by the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  We also gather needed information, prepare applications for trademark registration, and provide counsel during the USPTO review process.

Protecting an Existing Trademark

Protecting a brand after trademarks are registered requires constant vigilance about use of the name in the marketplace and prompt action against trademark infringers. Feldman Law Group’s intellectual property attorneys are seasoned advocates experienced in handling claims of trademark infringement. Drawing from our broad experience in the luxury goods industry and intellectual property law, we help clients protect valuable marks against misuse in ways that confuse or mislead buyers.


Feldman Law Group also helps clients identify products that are suitable for copyright protection. Designs can be registered for copyright as individual pieces, catalogues, and collections.  Our experienced lawyers guide clients through the registration process and help them establish exclusive rights to manufacture their copyrighted designs.