Wide Range of Creative Industries

With more than 40 years of experience, Feldman Law Group has counseled hundreds of clients on the full range of intellectual property law issues that businesses encounter. We understand the application of intellectual property law across a wide range of creative industries, including jewelry, apparel, publications, media, and entertainment. We bring an in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of industries to our work.

Unique Laws and Perspectives

Every case demands a unique solution.  However, every solution must be created in the context of a competitive marketplace and an evolving regulatory environment.  Feldman Law Group’s years of intellectual property experience have given our lawyers a perspective on how the law has uniquely developed within each industry. When we develop solutions for clients, we leverage perspective to counsel you on the changes and legal trends affecting your industry.

Specific Expectations and Language

Because we have represented a wide range of clients, we are familiar with the industry expectations and language for contracts, applications and business transactions.  Our team advises clients on what to expect during a negotiation and develops innovative solutions to typical issues. 

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Global Experience

In our 40 years of practice, Feldman Law Group has represented a diverse array of clients, including designers, wholesalers, large and small retailers, and industry associations.  Our clients have ranged from emerging businesses to some of the best-known companies in the world.

Our intellectual property attorneys timely and efficiently file and monitor patent applications in India and other foreign countries across the globe.  We help clients comply with foreign patent laws and procedures at all stages of the foreign patent process.

Transactional Experience

Feldman Law Group offers years of experience in negotiating transactional matters like licenses or sales of creative works. Because we have represented a wide range of clients in many industries, we are familiar with industry expectations for contracts. We advise clients on what to expect during a negotiation and develop innovative solutions to typical issues. 

Registration and Prosecution Experience

Litigation: Feldman Law Group has over 40 years of experience in representing clients from various industries involved in intellectual property litigation before the federal and state courts in New York and other states. Our seasoned attorneys are experts at strategizing a case taking into account the client’s needs and resources. Each client will receive personal attention from our attorneys who will develop prosecution or defense or explore resolution of disputes. We have successfully litigated many infringement and counterfeiting actions, representing clients on both, prosecution and defense. See more at: Insurance Defense and Coverage.