Our Team

Feldman Law Group’s intellectual property lawyers are experienced professionals with a long history of success handling a broad range of intellectual property law cases. Our attorneys are highly skilled at prosecuting, enforcing, defending and protecting the creative work of their clients.

Our Team Members

Extensive Legal Experience

Feldman Law Group attorneys have experience with a wide range of the legal issues that arise in creating, defending, and enforcing intellectual property rights in creative works.  

Feldman Law Group has years of experience in developing effective strategies for protecting creative works.  We advise clients on the benefits and costs of each option available and help develop a comprehensive and proactive approach to protecting your portfolio of intellectual property.

Once we develop a strategy, Feldman Law Group helps clients gather information and begin the application process for patent, trademark, or copyright registration. Our familiarity with government agency requirements and processes helps us prepare applications thoroughly and effectively respond to requests.

Diverse Industry Experience

At Feldman Law Group, we are familiar with the workings of the law across a wide range of industries, including jewelry; luxury goods; computers, software and electronics; art; and publications. We understand the problems your business faces today and the challenges of tomorrow. We leverage our in-depth understanding of your industry to help you find effective solutions to your intellectual property dilemmas.

We have experience with the intellectual property law issues your company is likely to encounter at every stage of development, from start-up to mature industry participant. Our attorneys draw on their wide industry experience to help you make sound choices about protecting your intellectual property.

A Global Perspective

In a world where everyday business transactions often span continents, a global perspective on intellectual property rights can be invaluable.  The team at Feldman Law Group has the broad international perspective that comes from representing clients from across the globe.

As a firm we have a special focus on assisting clients with issues of intellectual property law in India. Members of our team have been educated in both India and the U.S. and have hands-on experience as lawyers in India. They have counseled clients across a broad spectrum of domestic and global industries who conduct their business in India.

Skilled Advocates

If someone is challenging your company’s operations or products in court, the highly skilled attorneys at Feldman Law Group will assist you in protecting and defending what you have created. With more than 40 years of experience defending claims like patent and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and false advertising issues, we assist clients from the earliest stages of disputes through trial and appeal.