Industrial Gases & Chemicals

The industrial gases and chemicals industry is a complex sector of the economy that provides critical products and solutions to people around the globe.  Companies in this sector are responsible for developing and supplying an endless array of products and technologies, ranging from hydrogen fuels cells and hydrogen supply, storage and delivery to automobile engines and gas separation processes. These companies work to develop the innovative products, processes and technologies that other industries rely upon for their own operations.  

Feldman Law Group is committed to working with clients throughout the industrial gases and chemicals industry.  Our law firm offers a team of seasoned practitioners who are well prepared to provide the on point legal advice and advocacy companies need to identify, protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property rights. 

Patent Protection Services

The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience guiding clients through all facets of U.S. patent protection and enforcement.  Our team carefully reviews each clients’ situation to identify the most effective means to protect their intellectual property rights.  We offer “registered patent attorneys” who are permitted to practice in patent cases before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  These lawyers provide a full array of patent services to our clients, including patent counseling and portfolio management, licensing, patent prosecution, enforcement, and litigation. We know that it is critical for clients in the industrial gases and chemicals sector to have the right plans in place to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. 

Copyright and Trademark Services

Feldman Law Group also offers a broad range of copyright and trademark protection services.  Our lawyers work with industry clients to identify situations where copyright and/or trademark protections may be appropriate for their companies and work with them to acquire such protections.  We also offer a full scope of litigation services to both enforce copyrights and trademarks and defend clients facing infringement claims in court.

Transactional Services

The attorneys at our firm assist clients in the industrial gases and chemicals industry with a wide range or transactional matters, including the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the sale of IP assets, licensing agreements, and assignments.  We take a proactive approach in these matters, working to identify and address potential issues in advance, so they do no turn into costly legal battles for our clients.  Our objective is to structure transactions in a manner that best protects our clients’ IP rights while advancing their business goals and interests. 

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