Consumer Goods

Feldman Law Group’s intellectual property lawyers are committed to protecting clients’ intellectual property rights in consumer goods of all kinds.  Below is a list of some popular consumer goods that intellectual property law can protect.

  • Housewares
  • Home decor items
  • Toys
  • Food and beverage products

Feldman Law Group can help companies create and enforce intellectual property rights in their consumer goods products.

Industry Experience

Feldman Law Group represents the entire spectrum of clients in the consumer goods industry, including retailers, wholesalers, designers, and manufacturers.  Whatever role a company plays in its industry, our experienced lawyers help clients navigate the legal process of protecting creative works.

We help companies defend the value of their good names, sometimes against great odds. For example, we represented a client that operated a small chain of grocery stores in the Bronx under the name Exito. A large South American company using the name Exito in South America brought a lawsuit against the Bronx retailer for trademark infringement.  Even though the South American company had trademarked the Exito name in South America, with the help of the Feldman Law Group, the Bronx retailer won a ground-breaking case and retained the right to use the Exito name.

Copyright Protection

Copyright registration can be a powerful tool for protecting innovative designs. The IP lawyers at Feldman Law Group assist clients in registering for copyright designs for consumer goods like housewares or children’s toys. These items can be registered for copyright as individual pieces, collections and catalogues.  Our legal team helps identify products that are suitable for copyright protection, and guides clients through the registration process.

Trademark Protection

Feldman Law Group advises clients about other methods of protecting a company’s products beyond copyright. We counsel about availability of trademark protection and assist with applying for and prosecuting a trademark application. 

We also assist companies with their existing portfolio of trademarks and help with administration and renewals for existing trademarks. We offer services to handle renewal requirements and fee payments to keep existing trademarks in force.

Transaction Assistance

Feldman Law Group assists clients in negotiating licenses and other transactions relating to their existing copyright and trademark protections for consumer goods.  We offer a wide range of assistance with intellectual property transactions.