The Results You Want

Wide Range of Successful Outcomes

Our team members have had many successful outcomes in a wide range of IP cases:

  • Quickly resolved many cases in jewelry, fashion and home goods by making use of our experience and innovative research team and facilities. We have been able to quickly focus on one or two essential factors for a minimal cost without a long, drawn out and expensive discovery and court motion process.
  • Attained payments to clients from insurance companies to cover their defenses when sued for infringement
  • Recent litigation includes a case at the U.S. Supreme Court dealing with fashion and dress design.
  • Represented companies of all sizes, including well-known firms, in cases involving jewellery ideas and ownership.
  • Represented prominent NYC Healthcare organizations.
  • Represented major printer company in assertion of inkjet patent, trademark and copyrights.
  • Protected creations of songwriters (“Y.M.C.A.”) & song authorship (“Sea of Love”)
  • Successfully defended against Ford Motor Company and Goodyear Tires
  • Represented Japan's largest apparel company with a worldwide presence.
  • Represented companies in a variety of industries, i.e., NBC, Blimpie, Exito Grocery Stores
  • Protected and defended numerous textile designs for apparel companies
  • Provided due diligence on worldwide introductions and purchases of new lines of prescription drugs for international companies